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It's a fact, buglary is one of the most common crimes to commit granted that it's one of the easiest crimes to prevent. Despite the advent of deadbolt in 1960s, second-story work is still occuring in many places around the world. And apparently, it has evolved in different forms and means that gives the police rather difficult time to track down the culprits.

While today, facts show that as good as 25 percent of homes in the United States are equipped with electronic security systems and other advanced lock technology that aid in keeping a home well-protected, still, FBI Uniform Crime Reports reveals that around 1.5 million homes were broken into in 2006.

Now you may ask yourself, "can such breaking and entering can be thrown over?"

Well, when musing about how to prevent this from happening to your own home and family, you should keep in mind a slew of important things. One, when crooks break into homes, in all likelihood they do it during the day when most people are at work. Two, approximately 40 percent of annual household burglaries don't involve forced entries. Bureau of Justice Statistics divulges that these thieves are able to find their way inside houses with ease as if the homeowners left their keys right at their own doorsteps.

To keep unwanted invaders at bay and out of the comforts of your home, take on extra preacutionary measures to secure it by seeking help from the expert that can undoubtedly provide you excellent services and quality products. Also, if you find yourself locked out of your own car or worse, home and no one from your family can find any spare key, you must know where and whom to look for!

So, if you want to prevent break-ins may it be in houses, public areas, and any types of vehicle, and avoid any unfortunate events in the near future; we'd love to do it for you! Locksmith Welby, a 24 hr locksmith shop, offers quality lock change and rekey in automotives as well as commercial and uptown sectors. Also, we provide emergency services with a reliability of 15-minute response time.

While we do not offer alarm systems, Locksmith Welby is the best go-to local locksmith when in need of securing territories from unwelcomed entries of bandits. We assure our clients, who come from all walks of life, that what we offer is regarded as conducive to their own health and safety.

Note that burglars look for easy access. As they say, "The harder it is for a burglar to get in, the less likely they are to come back to a burglarized home." Therefore, it's best to use solid core or metal doors that are totally secured with good quality deadbolt locks. You may even need to change your locks to stronger ones—enough to withstand kicks and flogs. Remember, locking windows and doors is the most indispensable thing you can do to prevent a break-in.

So, this is where we enter.

Providing you door locks with an ANSI grade 1 rating, you can be assured that when you call us for help, your worry about getting robbed would already end. Also, say your sweetest swan song to the inconvenience caused by constant changing of mediocre door locks that can be easily broken and jammed. Our locks and keys are of the best quality that can give you security for all time.

As opposed to other locksmiths (may it be an auto locksmith or those that specializes in homes), we are versatile and not only limited to providing shelter to private dwellings along with places of business. We also want to immune your automotives from owl job moreover, give you emergency services in dire times. This is so you can have a more peaceful and secured life—away from all the worries of break-in.

Make your home a safer heaven now! Call us and settle only for the best!



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